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D'Aulaires' Muses

The Nine Muses

Calliope  (epic poetry)
Clio  (history)
Euterpe  (flute playing)
Erato (lyric poetry and hymns)
Melpomene (tragedy)
Thalia (comedy)
Polyhmnia (mime)
Urania (astronomy)

                      The Ancient Greeks believed that inspiration was controlled by the Nine Muses, each of whom presided over a different
                      area of artistic/scientific endevour.


The spirit or power, regarded as inspiring or watching over poets, musicians and artists;
 a source of inspiration

Muse (Greek Mythology):
Any of the Nine daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, each of whom presided over a different art or science

muse: (most common use)
to ponder or meditiate, to consider 2 To wonder or state of deep meditation

place or building in which works of artistic, historical, and scientific value are cared for and exhibited

(art of the Muses)                                                source: American Heritage Dictionary (1981)

                       The Muses were "personifications of the highest aspirations of artistic and intellectual minds, ..."
                                                                Michael Stapleton, Dictionary of Greek and Roman Mythology          


...I soare, Above the flight of Pegasean wing. The meaning, not the Name I call: for thouNor of the
 Muses nine, nor on the topOf old Olympus dwell'st, but Heav'nile borne, Before...
                                                                 (John Milton, The Columbia World of Quotations, 1996)

Where the heart is, there the muses, there the gods sojurn, and not in any geography of fame.
Massachusetts, Connecticut River, and Boston...
                                                   (Ralph Waldo Emerson, The Columbia World of Quotations, 1996)

...the graces of expression, a great thought is never found in a mean dress; but.the nine Muses and the three
Graces will have conspired to clothe it in fit phrase...
                                                      (Henry David Thoreau, The Columbia World of Quotatoins, 1996)

I have aways believed that opera is a planet where the muses work together, join hands and celebrate the arts.
                                                               (Franco Zeffirelli, The Columbia World of Quotations, 1996)

Happy is the man whom the Muses love; sweet speech flows from his mouth.
                                      (Hesiod, 8th century B.C., Greek poet,  The Columbia World of Quotations)
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