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Effects at the Evening

Effects at the Evening by Claude Monet

Monet's garden was the source of his artistic inspiration for many years in his later life. "...Monet realized that he no longer
needed to travel searching for motifs-everything he desired was all within his gardens. ...The waterlily pond, the flora mirror
 of light captivated him. He spent the last 20 years of  his life painting that world. the gardens became Monet's passion. He
 considered them his greatest masterpiece. "
(Elizabeth Murray)

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At "one point, around 1889, he had decided to give up landscape painting, so to speak. He discussed this with Renoir and
 his other friends, who strongly advised him to study the figure. He went to Paris in search of a model and he found and
 engaged a very nice young girl who agreed to come and live at Giverny. But when he returned home, his wife told him,
'If a model comes here, I'll leave the house'. This is why we do not know Monet as a portraitist or a figure painter."
(Monet, Water Lilies, Charles F. Stuckey, ed.)

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